Episode 109

How Hyperpremium Storytelling Can Build Trust in Your Brand

I’m preparing to teach my Mastermind class about being a premium brand. But there’s one issue: I’m tired of using the same old Apple, Ritz Carlton, Mercedes types of examples…

As I’m sipping on my homemade matcha latte, it hits me. I have the answer right in the palm of my hand!

I remember being out of matcha and scouring the Internet looking at one site after another to find one that stands out.

As I land on a particular matcha website, I see it has a STORY around the product. As I continue reading, I learn about matcha: all the different varieties, where a particular grade of matcha comes from, and the actual people who grow it. I’m hooked and I purchase it.

When it arrives on my doorstep, I realize that everything about this experience is different. Right from the get-go, I’m unboxing this very carefully, noticing the beautifully tissue-wrapped product, and the invoice even has a handwritten thank you note on it. I can’t remember the last time a company hand wrote a thank you note on their invoice.

This kind of detail, service, and interaction really illustrate what premium brand experiences are made of! Premium brands aren’t just selling products; they’re truly selling an experience. And this particular one changed my relationship with matcha forever.

If you’ve listened to my show for a while, you know I can’t live without my matcha latte. So it should be no surprise that I’d eventually bring a matcha expert onto the show. This week, I talk with Eric Gower, the founder of the very company I just described, Breakaway Matcha!  Eric and his matcha business have certainly made me a customer for life! In this episode, he discusses how story infiltrates everything he does in his business and takes us on a deep dive into matcha tea.

If you’re curious to know:

What is matcha? How does it affect your external and internal story? And what about storytelling makes it one of the most effective things you can do for sales?

Then tune in as Eric talks about how his introduction to matcha has influenced his life story, explains how metaphors helped him finally understand Bitcoin, demonstrates how he uses storytelling to sell matcha tea, and so much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How metaphor makes the message of your story go deeper
  • What two storytelling factors in sales provide the basis for repeat customers
  • How all-around trust serves you in telling an effective story

Who is Eric Gower?

Eric Gower is an author, editor, private chef, cooking teacher, and the founder of  Breakaway Matcha. He developed an obsession with extreme-grade matcha while living and working in Japan for 16 years. He thought it should be much easier for people to find. A decade later, his determination paid off as he opened the doors to his company.

The main goal of Breakaway Matcha is making great matcha accessible to anyone. Eric has formed close relationships with those in Japan who cultivate and process it. The company specializes in sourcing exceptional matcha, blending and distributing it worldwide, and educating consumers and food service professionals on matcha preparation and service. In addition, he works with local ceramicists and artists to create beautifully-designed, special teaware that brings the best out of matcha and enhances its enjoyment.

So if you’re looking for a transcendent matcha experience, Breakaway Matcha stops at nothing to keep you as happy and healthy as possible! You can access it along with ceramics and other teaware through Eric’s website.

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