Episode 110

How to Be the Champion of Your Own Story

I’m in high demand as a high school softball pitcher. Colleges want to recruit me like crazy to come play for their school. The all-expense-paid recruiting trips begin.

There’s one to a college with snow on the ground which appeals to me because I’m a snow skier, too. There’s another college where the coaches are amazing, and another one with an unstoppable team.

Then I get an invitation from a college coach I’m not familiar with. I’m a Southern California girl thinking of sticking close to home on the West Coast, and this school is a little far away.

Yet since these recruiting trips consist of people wining and dining you – so to speak – for a couple of days, I figured there’s no harm in at least going out there for a visit. I’m thinking, “I’ve never been to the islands, so it’s fine. It’ll be a fun weekend.”

When the plane lands and I get off, though, my body is tingling. I love the smell of the air, the flowers, the palm trees and the ocean, and right then and there, I decide, “Yes, I’m ready to sign and I’m going to the University of Hawaii.”

Plot twist!

I was going in one direction, playing it safe. Then I had this opportunity to step out in another direction. I knew nobody in Hawaii and was hours (and an ocean) away from home… and I was willing to take the risk. Doing so changed my life!

My guest today, Candice Michelle, has lived her own life full of plot twists. And in this episode, she talks about the many facets of her story including acting out a story live in front of 100,000+ people, a lesson learned from pro wrestler Ric Flair, and more! Plus, she’ll answer questions such as:

How does listening to your gut drastically affect or change the course of your life story? How does the professional wrestling world create stories and characters for its audience? And why does winning a WWE title mean so much, even in an industry like sports entertainment where the ending to the story is planned?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How your intuition can throw plot twists into your story
  • How the philosophy of wrestling matches resembles storytelling
  • Why struggles are the best story gifts

Who is Candice Michelle?

Candice Michelle had to overcome the odds even before she was born. Due to complications from her father’s health, her mother’s doctors urged her to abort her pregnancy. But her mom braved the pregnancy anyway and gave birth to a healthy baby girl who grew up in Milwaukee as a Green Bay Packers fan.

At 18, Candice Michelle followed her heart and moved to Hollywood to pursue modeling. She became a WWE Diva Search Contestant, was the first to win the wrestling organization’s Women’s Championship title, and even got to pose on the cover of Playboy. She also went on to become a WWE 24/7 Champion. You might have seen her in Super Bowl commercials every year, too, as the GoDaddy Girl.

An injury ended Candice Michelle’s wrestling career, but it wasn’t the end of her championship reign. Now happily married for 20 years and a mother to three beautiful girls, she’s a champ coach who lives, eats, and trains 24/7 and focuses on helping others through crises and regaining their joy.

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