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How to Rewrite Your Money Story

As a 14-year-old, I’d rather do a million other things than clean. So I’m not happy when my dad tells me, “Our renters just moved out, so it’s time to clean the house before the new renters move in.”

He notices the look on my face and says, “When I moved to California after high school, I put a down payment on a rental house that turned into two houses, then three houses, then more. One day, you’ll appreciate these rental houses because making smart choices with your money today will result in financial freedom tomorrow.”

Fast forward to today, and Dad was right. The financial choices we make now do impact our future selves, something my special guest today also knows very well. Dylan Bain focuses his life’s work on the stories that happen as a result of the financial choices we make. In this episode, he tells us all about it.

So if you’re curious to know:

How can you tell the difference between you writing your money story and the story writing you? How can money stories from your childhood impact you as an adult, even if you have very different financial circumstances? How do you unpack the emotional charge from your financial story to get different results? And why does storytelling garner success or breakthroughs when you do it in your line of work?

Then tune in as we touch on the emotional factor of money, other life area stories resembling your money story, the power of storytelling in your profession, and navigating (possibly opposite) money stories between couples. Along the way, Dylan shares stories about a pair of rotting shoes, generational food culture, a bored CFO, a fraudulent principal, an uncomfortable wife, and how all that can have an impact on your money story or the stories you tell others.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why your money story doesn’t actually start with you
  • How to adopt a different money story to replace the old one
  • Why you should think again if you think storytelling won’t work in your profession

Who is Dylan Bain?

Dylan Bain is a financial coach who specializes in helping others rewrite their money stories. His own journey began eight years ago when he left his job teaching math to pursue an accounting career in grad school while raising his family. Wanting to leave his former life of welfare and multiple jobs behind, he rewrote the script of his life and found peace in financial security. He discovered others wanted to follow a similar path, too, so he began coaching in earnest.

Since Dylan quit his math teacher job, he’s gone from food stamps to financial sovereignty. He believes that people view money, at its core, with fear and mystery when it doesn’t have to be that way. So he brings a holistic approach when it comes to financial relationships. Working through his company Fiscally Savage, he focuses on coaching clients on the emotions of money, seeing a budget as a statement of shared values, and finding ways to control their financial lives and live freely.

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