Episode 152

How to Turn Small Talk Into Stories

I’m at a family gathering when a family friend remarks about the weather. 

“It’s cold outside.” 

Others agree. Someone chimes in about the wind. 

Then someone else mentions that it hasn’t rained in a while.


I can’t take it anymore. I have to step in. “Rain makes me think of snow. And snow makes me think of the time Dad decided it would be a brilliant idea to go out and tie an inner tube to the back of the rental car so my best friend, Nikki, and I can ride it.”

As 10-year-olds, Nikki and I love this idea. So we wedge ourselves into the inner tube together while my dad gets behind the wheel and starts driving down the snow-covered road. Yet, it doesn’t all go according to plan…

As I relay the story to everyone of how this inner tube adventure goes down, I look around the table and realize everyone is laughing! And all of a sudden, I’m laughing with them at the ridiculousness of the situation.

My story does the trick. Not only does this conversation become more lively and fun, it also reminds my dad of his own story about growing up on the farm. And for the next two hours, we take turns around the table telling hilarious true tales.

With the holidays coming up, there’s going to be lots of dinners and parties with family and friends. So how do we take the chit-chatty conversations that often go on during these events and turn them into storytelling adventures for everyone there? In this episode of the Storytelling School Podcast, you’ll learn how to turn conversations from small talk into story time and get answers to questions like:

Where do you begin when you want to change up the energy of a conversation? And how can turning small talk into stories affect the interaction between you, friends, and family years from now?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to segue a conversation from mundane to memorable
  • How specific words can help you turn small talk into a story
  • What stories are, down to their simple core

A little bit about me.

Hi there. I’m Kymberlee.

As a Speaking Strategist and founder of Storytelling School, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 500 speakers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs worldwide for over a decade. No matter if those folks were getting ready to take the TED or TEDx stage or preparing for a high-stakes presentation with everything on the line, my specialty is High Stakes Short Form Communication. I’ve seen what works when influencing change and what doesn’t. It turns out storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your arsenal. That’s why I’m building a movement of master storytellers to affect change in the world on a global scale to help people tell real stories that have influence and impact. With effective storytelling, you change people’s lives.

Since competition for potential client attention is fierce, a story can make the difference between being memorable or irrelevant. You’ll find me sharing my matcha tea mishap to discuss perfectionism, my quest for Bruce Lee and Hello Kitty art to explore kindness, or the six months of live blade training I underwent to illustrate presence. I spend my days showing the power of using stories to help cement ideas and bring lessons to life and teach my clients to do the same.

If you think business owners can’t tell stories or don’t have stories to share with their clients, staff, donors, followers, or investors, I invite you to reconsider your perspective. There’s no better place than in business to tell your stories so audiences, no matter how big or small, can understand how you think and what you value.

Now it’s your turn… If you’re ready to become a master storyteller and effect change in our world, you’ve come to the right place.

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